Voice Your Opposition

So far, Wilmington’s Mayor and City Council have heard from only two people who oppose bringing more horse-drawn carriages to downtown. The other side, those who support additional horse-drawn carriage operators, have been the dominant voice in this discussion. The Police Department has not opposed it. The City Attorney has no objection. The Downtown Parking Advisory Committee has even suggested a possible route for the new horse carriage operator to use.

Those of us who resist horse carriage expansion must speak up and make our objections heard. The City Council will decide on this issue soon! Let’s give them good reasons to not increase the number of horse-drawn vehicles. Or at least make them delay their decision until they can be better educated on this topic.

Reva speaking HDC issue

This practice is ancient, and it should already be history. It’s the 21st century. We have already fully motorized Wilmington’s cobblestone streets. Horse-drawn carriages do not belong on them.

Please sign up to speak for the horses and for the safety of passengers and pedestrians, as Reva Kelly did at the last City Council meeting.

If you live in the Wilmington area and can help, please leave your contact information in the Comment area below. Also join our Facebook group.


One thought on “Voice Your Opposition

  1. I am against horse drawn carriage use ansd would love to speak out aboit why…there are several alternative ways for tourist to still view/tour Wilmington without their use.


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