Another Speaker To Address City Council

Reva Kelly, the new leader of Wilmington Vegan, will speak to the Mayor and City Council tonight about why horse-drawn carriages do not belong in downtown Wilmington. Each City Council meeting features a Public Information portion, which is time sets aside for members of the public to bring their concerns before the city’s leadership.

speak truth to power

City Council meetings are aired live live on GTV8 (Spectrum Cable channel 8) and simulcast on the GTV8 web page. The Public Information portion occurs toward the beginning of each City Council meeting, so tune in at approximately 6:40 p.m. to watch it live!

Everyone who is opposed to the cruel, dangerous, and out-dated practice of horses pulling carriages through our city streets is encouraged to speak at City Council meetings! You do not have to speak alone, members of Resist will be there to support you, and you only need to offer a sentence or two. Please leave a comment if you are interested!

Horses at the pond-Proud Horse Sanctuary

Horses at the Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary, Lincolnton, Georgia


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